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Welcome to Halldor’s Boneworking.

This is the new website for Halldor Magnusson, a crafter in bone and antler artefacts, specialising in the Early Medieval period.

I have been working with bone, antler and horn for the last 15 years to create historical replicas and unique pieces for museums, private collectors, crafters and re-enactors.

All historical pieces are meticulously researched and depending on the customers requirements, the final piece is either as close a replica as possible or a “based on” item that may be larger or sturdier than the original for display or handling purposes.

Additionally, I also work with various history and archaeology groups to provide lectures based around historical bone and antler working.

Please browse this site and consider looking at my Etsy store if you wish to purchase an “off the shelf” item and check out my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram to see what is currently being worked on. Custom orders can be discussed via private message on either Etsy or Facebook. If you prefer to email, my address is

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